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Attacker Behavior Industry Report 2018 black hat edition


The report examines a wide range of cyberattack detections and trends from a sample of more than 250 Vectra customers with over 4 million devices per month and workloads from nine different industries.

  • Across all industries, there was an average of 2,354 attacker behavior detections per 10,000 devices. This is a sharp increase in attacker behaviors in 2018 from 2017.
  • Energy and manufacturing displayed a large amount of detections due to high levels of lateral movement activity in both industries.
  • C&C activity in higher education continues to persist three-times above the industry average of 725 per 10,000 devices and exceeds every industry with 2,143 detections per 10,000 devices.
  • Botnet activity occurs most often in higher education, with 183 detections per 10,000 devices, which is three-times the industry average of 53 detections per 10,000 devices.
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