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Angela Heindl-Schober_round

Angela Heindl-Schober
VP of Global Alliances
Vectra AI

Jay Campbell

Jay Campbell
Sr. Security Engineer
Vectra AI
John O Callaghan_round-1

John O Callaghan
Product Marketing
Vectra AI
Marty Sanders_round

Marty Sanders
Sen. VP Global Alliances
Vectra AI
Sachin Saranathan

Sachin Saranathan
Business Development Alliances
Vectra AI

Willem Hendrickx
Vectra AI

Key topics - balancing your cyber defence risk

AI-driven for Enterprise Scale

End-to-end threat visibility for public cloud, SaaS, Identity, data center

Real-time attacker behavior analytics with Attack Signal Intelligence

Built-in automated controls to isolate and contain attacks

Cyber Resilience for Hybrid Cloud

Holistic threat visibility for cloud to data center, data center to cloud

Prioritized view of the most urgent threats in a single pane of glass

Enriched context at your fingertips for efficient investigations and threat hunting

Reduce Complexity for Faster Response

Consolidate threat detection and response, contain costs with a single platform

Integrate best-in-class tech for data enrichment and streamlined SOC workflows

Flexible native and automated controls accelerate incident response processes

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Vectra's AI Threat Detection and Response platform combines Security AI and data science to empower SOC teams. It detects and responds to cyber threats in real-time, keeping organizations ahead of attackers. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies and government agencies, our solution protects critical assets effectively.

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