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Myths and truths about detecting threats in IoT environments

As more and more IoT devices are deployed in enterprise and cloud environments, it opens opportunities for business but presents risk to security teams. Commonly unmanaged and operating without perimeter limitations, IoT devices are architecturally difficult to secure.

Join Vikrant Gandhi, Frost & Sullivan industry director of IoT and digital transformation, and Kevin Sheu, head of product marketing at Vectra, who will discuss:

  • The key technological mega trends that impact how IoT cybersecurity is delivered and how market requirements are evolving
  • How security teams can approach a solution without impacting business goals
  • How to best integrate IoT security into your security processes
  • How IT, IoT, IIoT consolidation will impact your ongoing approach
  • The best practices to automate repetitive tasks, such as manual triaging of alerts and hunting down anomalies.
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