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Quit fighting the losing game against hackers, and get a winning solution with Vectra and Demisto.

The combined solution can turn threat detections into action by integrating with other leading security solutions to stop in-progress cyber-attacks and quarantine compromised host devices. Security operations teams can quickly spot hidden cyber attackers, pinpoint host devices at the center of an attack, and block the progression of threats before data is compromised or stolen.

Attend this live webinar and product demo to learn how to:

  1. Enable faster and more efficient threat investigations through collaborative cybersecurity.
  2. Automate data enrichment and analysis by improving investigative efficiency.
  3. Selectively triggering response actions based on threat type, risk and certainty.
  4. Combine automated, behavior-based threat analysis with real-time enforcement.

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About Demisto

Demisto Enterprise is the first and only comprehensive Security Operations Platform to combine security orchestration, incident management and interactive investigation.

About Vectra

Vectra® Networks automates the hunt for hidden cyber-attacks inside campus and data center networks by continuously monitoring internal traffic to detect active threats in progress.