Our Panel Speakers

Henrik Smit

Henrik Smit
Director Cyber Security

Mihir Maniar_Dell

Mihir Maniar
Vice President Products
Dell Technologies
Mark Wojtasiak-1

Mark Wojtasiak
Vice President PM
Vectra AI
John Hibbs_KPMG US

John Hibbs
Principal, Cyber Security Services

Oliver Tavakoli
Vectra AI
Ken Frantz_KPMG

Ken Frantz
Director KPMG

Key topics - balancing your cyber defence risk


Is being cyber compliant enough?

Meeting minimum requirements for cyber compliance may not necessarily provide sufficient protection against cyber threats. Compliance is just one aspect of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, and additional measures may be necessary to safeguard against cyber attacks.


How do you measure cyber resilience ?

Comprehensive cyber resilience will require gap analysis to ensure adequate protection is in place. Effectiveness data will include real v false threats detected, investigation, response, and resolution SLAs, and ultimately compromises and breaches stopped. 


Is your SOC effective and efficient?

Are security, risk and IT teams working in concert with integrated detection and response and incident management solutions. Are you maximising the value of your cyber budget spend with strategic investment vs siloed spend.

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Getting the balance right is important in order to deliver a cyber defence strategy that is capable of defending enterprises against modern and sophisticated cyber attackers.

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