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2018 Spotlight Report on manufacturing


As part of key findings in the new 2018 Spotlight Report on Manufacturing, Vectra reveals that attackers who evade perimeter security can easily spy, spread and steal, unhindered by weak internal access controls.

  • Vectra observed a much higher volume of malicious internal behaviors, which is a strong indicator that attackers are already inside the network.
  • Vectra observed an unusually high volume of reconnaissance behaviors, which is a strong indicator that attackers are mapping out manufacturing networks in search of critical assets.
  • Vectra observed an abnormally high level of lateral movement, which is a strong indicator that the attack is proliferating inside the network

The 2018 Spotlight Report on Manufacturing from Vectra is based on observations and data from the 2018 Black Hat Edition of the Attacker Behavior Industry Report, which reveals attacker behaviors and trends in networks from more than 250 opt-in customers in manufacturing and eight other industries.

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