Read a Summary of the Webinar

thumb-digest-UB.jpgVectra Networks took part in a webinar with University Business, where Mike Banic, VP of Marketing at Vectra, and Hernan Londono, Associate CIO at Barry University discussed the insufficient threat management defenses of many colleges and universities, despite their common vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.

In an education environment, cyberattackers will evade the strongest perimeter security defenses and spy, spread and steal vital research data as well as personal and financial records from members of the campus community, and can access university systems for months or years before a breach is detected.

Banic and Londono further discuss these threats, as well as the new defense-in-depth models that can quickly pinpoint and mitigate threats in progress, and share strategies for how to meet university security requirements while providing an open and collaborative learning environment that embraces BYOD and mobility.

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